Lendurance is not your normal futsal court company. We don’t want the players to walk in who feel bored to play in our court as well, we are prefer to the player to be confident and energetic when the players are in our courts as well.  Our company want to make sure a better place for the player to have a good time in our courts. We also providing facilities and services to the players who want to be in our courts.



Our company aimed to focus the player’s passion, knowledge and experience in our courts while playing the games in our place. This will make the players to be more confident when they step in our courts as well. The desires that playing the games in the court will boost the player’s stamina while playing the games. Our team are building a positive space as a solution to deliver among the player so that the player feel a perfect place to play futsal.



Our team set the goals to achieve the frontiers of knowledge. Its unique area that enables players to continually training themselves in the ground as well. This is because they can explore new tactics of playing the games so that it gives the better future of a players as well. At the same time, the player inspiration from leaders as a role model so that they can develop their playing skills. It is also to enhance well-being of playing the futsal. This shows the source of inspiration and creativity for our company.